Friday, September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009

AN EMAIL FROM SALLY_L alerted us to a math and science resource for children and young adults,, which just won a "Parents' Choice Foundation Gold Award." Cogito says of itself: "On Cogito, gifted kids from all over the world interested in math and science gather to talk to each other, as well as working scientists and mathematicians, about black holes, extrasolar planets, epigenetics, oceanography. Most of the site is open to the public, but the interactive areas, including the discussion forums, groups, and blog creation, are for members only. Membership is by invitation." Find Cogito.

A CURRENT STUDY ON AD/HD uncovered a flaw in the way the brain processes dopamine, and links the condition to difficulties in motivation as well as attention. Got a gifted kid with AD/DH? Read about the research.

WORRIED ABOUT "CHATSPEAK," the shorthand your children and students use to communicate via texting and IMing? Science Daily reports on a study that says not to worry -- that the language variations have no effect on "real" spelling abilities. R U roflol? Read more.

MORE WALDORF. We had some experience with a Waldorf School and were impressed in many ways. Now an article in Edutopia notes how Waldorf-type schools, inspired by Rudolf Steiner, are "on the rise." The century-old underlying theories can seem quaint, but the practice and results are not. An example: a mixture of kinesthesia and song helps students learn math facts, surely an aid for those who "learn differently."
(We frequently read about people "rediscovering" one of Steiner's methods or practices and applying them to various aspects of life today.) Read the article. (For even more information, read an Atlantic Monthly article from awhile back.)

2E RESOURCE. Wrightlaw has added a 2e section to its website, including pointers to resources such as 2e Newsletter. [Thanks, Pam and Pete.] Find it here.

DOES SESAME STREET TEACH LANGUAGE TO YOUR GIFTED TODDLER? Yes and no, according to a study reported in Science Daily. Kids under 3 don't learn much unless there's an adult present to interact with, but kids over 3 can learn action words. Read more.

NY TIMES FOR YOUR BRIGHT HIGH-SCHOOLER. Upfront, a magazine and website published by The New York Times and Scholastic, is distributed for use in high schools. interviews a member of the team that puts out Upfront. If you've got a curious child, check out the interview to find out more.

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