Monday, December 7, 2009

Clues about a Gifted Detective... and More

SHERLOCK HOLMES, 2e ASPIE? An MD columnist for The New York Times lays out the evidence that Conan Doyle's creation might have been modeled on someone with Asperger's. The columnist notes Doyle's attention to medical detail (he trained as a physician). In the matter of Holmes' character, the columnist wonders first if he was bipolar, but then moves on to another "diagnosis," explaining the clues along the way. Review the diagnosis.

MENSA BOOKS FOR PARENTS. The website of the American Mensa Association provides a book list for parents of gifted children. Readers of 2e Newsletter will find familiar authors in the list. Find it.

LIVE CHAT ON RTI. If you'd like to know more about Response to Intervention to help that gifted or twice-exceptional child you know, check out a free online Education Week chat on Thursday afternoon, December 8th.

MIND OF AN ASPIE. A 12-year-old Michigan boy has published a book, "Super Senses: A child's descriptions of the challenges and rewards of living with Autism/Asperger." His efforts won a school district award. Read more.

FROZEN IN HIGH SCHOOL VERSUS GROWING UP. A prospective college student applying to some fairly prestigious colleges writes how, as she visits campuses, comparisons to Hogwarts abound. Her conclusion: while her peers have grown up on Harry Potter, the colleges are "selling the wrong thing. And my friends and I won’t be fooled. After all, Harry Potter is frozen in high school, and we’re growing up." Read the article.

OFF THE WALL: HOLIDAY WARNING. From Science Daily: "According to a poll of Pennsylvania adults, about 17 percent of Pennsylvanians experienced an injury or knows someone who was injured while opening gifts during past seasons." Further, according to the article, the American Dialect Society defines "wrap rage" as "anger brought on by the frustration of trying to open a factory-sealed purchase." Read safety tips here. And be careful out there this holiday season.

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