Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SOMETHING ELSE FOR PARENTS TO WORRY ABOUT. Parents of all kids, including gifted kids, have all sorts of things to worry about as their offspring grow up. The New York Times on January 19th added a new worry to the list with a story about a seven-year-old who suffered a stroke. The author of the article is the boy's father, presumably a Times writer. Of his son right after the stroke, he wrote: "Two days before, he had been a happy, athletic second grader, a beautiful boy who loved playing baseball and basketball in the park. Now he couldn't walk; he had to struggle to remember the color of a barn." Read about the family's harrowing ordeal.

CHILDHOOD STRESS. Spanish researchers have compiled a 25-point list of daily situations which are stressors to children. According to ScienceDaily, some of the most influential factors are worries about physical appearance, too many activities, or being alone. Read more.

WEBINAR ON GIFTED KIDS AND SPORTS. Our Gifted and Talented Online Conferences is offering an early-February webinar titled "Cartesian Splits and Chinese Splits: Gifted Kids and Sports," to be presented by Steve Balzac. Find more information.

EVALUATING WRITTEN EXPRESSION. If you raise or teach a gifted child who has problems with written expression, you might be interested in the the Wrightslaw Special Ed Advocate from the week of January 17th. It covers what evaluations should cover, myths and misconceptions about written language testing, common tests, and additional information about evaluating written expression. Find Special Ed Advocate.

GIFTED IN FRANCE. If you happen to be an English-speaking person residing in the environs of Paris, France, who has concerns or information needs that bring you to this blog, then check out "Gifted in France," billed as a support group for English-speaking parents of gifted children in Paris. Currently on the site is notice of a speaking event sponsored by the group titled "Gifted Third Culture Children." Find the blog.

GOOD BOOKS FOR KIDS. The American Library Association has announced its literary award winners for 2010 -- the Newberry Medal, Caldecott Medal, Printz Award, and many others. To see if any of these books might be of interest to your gifted young person on any age, check the site. (And wait to see if 2e Newsletter's columnist Bob Seney makes any pronouncements over the winners in future newsletter issues.)

INTERACTIVE SCIENCE EDUCATIONAL GAME. A press release alerted us to a new website from PBS Kids Go! The site features a multi-level game called "Lifeboat to Mars" where players work to rebuild a virtual ecosystem in outer space, supposedly learning standards-based biology concepts. The game is set in the year 2041 on a supply ship to Mars. Check out the game.

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