Thursday, February 18, 2010

FROM WRIGHTSLAW. The February 16th edition of Special Ed Advocate explains what a parent needs to know to advocate for a child and where to get training; also included, a list of resources on the topic. If you feel you should better advocate for that gifted or 2e child, check out the newsletter. Also: An announcement that Wrightslaw is now on Facebook. Find it. (They already have almost 3,000 fans -- and growing rapidly as we compose this post.)

GIFTED AND LEFT BEHIND -- that's the contention of two prominent gifted advocates in an article addressing the resources devoted to gifted education in the state of Maryland. Helaine Zinaman and Nancy Green call for increased funding for gifted education and mandated gifted education programs in the state. They write, "The continued, systemic neglect of this entire group of students will ultimately result in long-term negative consequences for the students, our communities and our nation." Read the article.

ON EMPATHY. It's always nice to see a bright young person who can also be empathetic. Health columnist Jane Brody discusses the trait -- and how to instill it -- in a recent column.

CHANGES IN GIFTED EDUCATION FUNDING have been proposed in the United States budget for 2011. The Javits Program may be consolidated with other programs, which does not make the NAGC happy; read their press release. You may read more about the Department of Education's 2011 budget here. And a National Examiner article notes that the federal government allocates .02% of the education budget to gifted education.

NEW BOOK FROM THE EIDES. You can't read it yet, 'coz it won't be out until 2011 -- but you can anticipate until then the publication of The Dyslexic Advantage, about the remarkable capabilities of dyslexics. An item at Dr. Lynn Hellerstein's site tipped us off. In the meantime, you may join an Eide Ning group, also called "Dyslexic Advantage"; the site includes discussions and lots of resources.

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