Sunday, February 14, 2010

WE FEEL COMPELLED to periodically remind readers that the Davidson Institute offers many resources for those who raise and teach highly gifted students. One resource is the Educators Guild, part of the Davidson site, with an online community, free consulting services, and a variety of publications. Davidson Young Scholars provides free services for profoundly gifted students under 18. The Institute also offer scholarships (for Davidson Fellows), a free Davidson Academy, and a summer institute. Find out more.

DANCING IN DUCK TAPE. We love this concept, partly because it showcases creativity, hard work, and money in the form of scholarships. Duck Tape brand duct tape offers a yearly "Stuck at Prom" Scholarship Contest in which high school students compete by creating prom outfits made of -- what else -- duct tape. The rewards include recognition at the contest website as well as scholarships. This year's contest begins March 1st. Find out more and see examples of outfits from prior years.

JAY MATTHEWS DOESN'T SAY if he believes in learning styles or not, but he discusses the controversy over a recent study claiming that learning styles have not been the subject of rigorous enough research. (We've covered this issue in previous posts.) Matthews' conclusion: "If the [study] authors are right, the real quandary is we have lost a precious excuse for our own incompetence. Prepare the tax form? Fix that light switch? Well, you know, dear, I was never taught in the proper way to do that." Read the column.

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR for brain research. The Dana Foundation has published The 2010 Progress Report on Brain Research. According to the Foundation, the 2010 report features in-depth articles on the genetics of psychiatric disorders, deep brain stimulation, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, memory, and neuroprotection, as well as a roundup chapter on other areas of advancement. The report is available in PDF format. Find it.

WHAT'S NEW AT HOAGIES. Carolyn K has posted a page of "lighter note" material. If you haven't been there recently, Hoagies' Gifted Education Page is another place to check frequently for information and resources.

THE "PERCY JACKSON" BACKSTORY. 2e Newsletter columnist Bob Seney has reviewed the Percy Jackson book series, in which the young Greek hero has AD/HD and dyslexia. In an article in the UK Guardian, read how the series' author modeled the hero after his son -- and what comes next for fans of the books.

DON'T FORGET that we bookmark articles that might not make it into this blog (or our monthly briefing) at For instance, today we bookmarked three articles we guessed wouldn't appeal to that many blog readers, but which readers with an interest in particular areas (anxiety, AD/HD, and autistic hypersensitivity) might find useful. So go there once in awhile. If you find it useful -- or not -- let us know.

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