Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EDUCATION WEEK OPEN HOUSE. On its website, Education Week is holding an "open house" through tomorrow where non-subscribers can see content that's normally available only to subscribers. If you're an educator who is considering subscribing -- or a parent interested in what this publication has been saying about US education reform lately -- check out the site.

LD AND COLLEGE. In the March 16th edition of Special Ed Advocate, Wrightslaw provides
"information to help you plan ahead, choose a post-secondary school, find ways to finance continuing education, and advice about challenges students with disabilities will encounter as they make the transition from high school to post-secondary education." Find it.

GLD/2e IN NEW SOUTH WALES. Part of the website of the New South Wales Association for Gifted and Talented Children is devoted to the gifted/learning disabled. The organization calls it "
a regular forum where parents, teachers, counselors, and others concerned about GLD children can get information, support, and advice on assisting, motivating, and advocating for GLD children. " Go there.

RTI AND GIFTED. Tamara Fisher blogged about this topic awhile ago, and in her most recent posting she provides updates on the topic and also points to an interview she did on the topic with ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development but now apparently just ASCD.") Find out more.

OFF THE TOPIC. In a New York Times opinion piece, a mother described the use in a homework assignment of Japanese four-character idioms. For example, the four characters different, mouth, same, and sound combine to signify many people in agreement. Find out how this mother completed her part of the assignment, which was to choose an idiom characterizing her child.

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