Friday, March 26, 2010

MUSIC AS THERAPY. An article at the Dana Foundation website offers a look at the current state of music therapy as a rehabilitative tool in cases of brain injury, with applications in motor, speech and language, and cognitive rehabilitation. In looking ahead, the article states, "Scientists need to better understand what dosages work best, to pay more attention to research that will benefit children, and to focus on disorders in which neurologic music therapy lacks rigorous study so far, such as autism, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis." Read the article.

RECENT COURT RULING ON LDs AND FAPE. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a federal court decision on March 22nd is "
one of the first in the nation on a parent's ability to enforce a federal law that requires schools to identify all children with disabilities and provide them with an appropriate education." According to the ruling, parents may demand a hearing or file suit if a school ignores a student's disabilities. When we find out how this case may relate to twice-exceptional students (as in the case of the Hovem family of Texas, reported in 2e Newsletter last year), we'll let you know. Read the Chronicle article.

TELETHERAPY. A recent study found that therapy via video teleconference was as effective as face-to-face therapy -- and possibly even preferred by patients. The particular study focused on PTSD, but apparently previous studies have also validated the effectiveness of teletherapy. Whether it comes to the point where it can be done via webcam and your PC rather than a formal teleconference setting remains to be seen. Read about the study.

ASPIE COMPUTER GENIUS SENTENCED. Crime paid -- for awhile, anyway, for a Florida computer hacker who was able to break into computer systems of major retailers. He "earned" $2.8 million illegally, but will spend up to 20 years in prison for his efforts. From The New York Times article about the case: "A defense psychiatrist’s report described Mr. Gonzalez as a socially awkward Internet addict with an 'idiot savantlike genius for computers and information technology.'” Read more.

AEGUS has revamped its website, and you might want to check it out, including the section on articles, books, and links for parents and educators interested in gifted underachievers. Find it.

THE ASPIE PARENT is the name of a new blog by "lizpf." In her initial post she points out that the dual meanings of the blog title are intentional and tells why; in her second post she lays the groundwork for future posts by defining terms, including "twice-exceptional." Find the blog.

ABOUT NORMAL. On a listserv we read, a mom wrote of her gifted daughter, "My heart broke for her last night when she said, 'I just want to be normal.'" Another listserv member offered a consoling quote: "Normal is a setting on the dryer." We like that. Until the next post here, let's all go about our business being our own unique, un-normal selves.

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