Saturday, April 3, 2010

BLUE MAN GROUP AND THE BLUE SCHOOL. Founders and spouses of the Blue Man Group have started the Blue School in New York City. Now comprised of pre-school through first-grade students, the school was conceived as a reaction to admissions hysteria and Ivy League college focus, an education that "you don't have to recover from," in the words of the founders. One challenge faced by the progressive school: its popularity and tuition now make the school seem "what were rebelling against," says a founder. Read the article.

WANT TO SEE HOW OTHER FAMILIES HANDLE TEEN AUTONOMY? Read about a Penn State study of 200 families concerning their children's decision making in the areas of chores, appearance, curfew and bedtime, health, schoolwork, social life, activities, and money. Researchers concluded that decision-making autonomy, a reflection of the development of youths' independence and responsibility, depended on what kinds of decisions youngsters faced, and on their personal and family circumstances. Find out more.

BEEN THROUGH THE COLLEGE TOUR PROCESS? Jay Matthews of the Washington Post wants your input on best and worst questions you've heard asked on college visits. Sample, from a parent visiting Boston College: "Do all these priests have to dress in black all the time? What if that upsets the students?" To contribute, go here.

GIFTED IN FLORIDA? Find out about a free summer academy on the campus of Florida State University. Sponsored by the Florida Center for Advanced Aero-Propulsion, the academy will be slanted toward aerospace disciplines. Read more of in an interview between Michael Shaughnessy of and academy co-director Steven Pfeiffer.

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