Thursday, April 29, 2010

TOWARDS AD/HD DIAGNOSIS. The Boston Globe reports on the Quotient, a diagnostic device that can help a doctor determine whether a child has AD/HD by tracking his or her motion. The article also covers doctors' skepticism over previous AD/HD "tests." Read it.

SPECIAL ED ADVOCATE newsletter from Wrightslaw this week features ASD -- tips for parents, getting help, and special ed advocacy and legal resources that might help. Find this week's issue.

SPEAKING OF LEGAL RESOURCES, the Washington Post has reported that an attorney who represented families in special ed matters was not licensed during much of the time he provided his services. In his wake, the attorney has left some bitter -- and vengeful -- parents in Virginia and the DC area. Read more.

WEBMISTRESS CAROLYN K of Hoagies' is quoted in an article on the website Parent Dish titled "How to Tell if Your Child Is Gifted," sharing her expertise on identifying gifted children and -- then -- what to do with them. Read the article.

APD/CAPD MAKES THE NEW YORK TIMES. It took awhile, and there had to be a "star" involved, but the paper this week covered auditory processing disorder -- what it is and how to deal with it. One profile in the article, titled "Little-known Disorder Can Take a Toll on Learning," was of talk-show host Rosie O'Donnell, who contributed a foreword to a new book on the topic (The Sound of Hope, by Lois Kam Heymann). O'Donnell's contribution was based on her experiences with her son, for whom even "knock knock" jokes were confusing. Read more.

QUADS TO YALE. Four gifted siblings from Connecticut have decided to attend Yale together. The university was one of two to which all four had applied and been accepted. Apparently Yale was "generous" with financial aid -- surely a factor for the parents of four kids going to college at the same time. Tuition, room, and board at Yale is around $50,000 per student per year. Let's see, $50,000 times 4 times 4... Read the article.

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