Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WHEN YOU DON'T OUTGROW AD/HD. The Wall Street Journal published an article on adult AD/HD. According to the article, 8 percent of children in the U.S. have it, and about 50 percent outgrow it. That leaves 10 million adults with AD/HD, some of whom might not even realize it. The article covers diagnosis of adult AD/HD along with ways to cope with it. Read the article.

HOW MUCH EXTRA TEST TIME IS ENOUGH? A Princeton freshman with an LD has sued the university over the amount of extra time she should be allowed for testing. Princeton granted an extra 50 percent; the student wants an extra 100 percent. Read about it.

GOT A 2e CHILD WITH AN IEP? Check out the April 6th edition of Special Ed Advocate from Wrightslaw. It offers advice on being your child's case manager, writing SMART IEPs, and developing a long-term "master plan." Find it.

TIPS FROM A PARENT. An article posted at the Parenting Squad website shares tips from a parent on navigating school when your child is twice-exceptional. The tips include what to focus on -- and not -- and cover concerns such as tutoring. Sample tip: "Let your child figure out and then engage his or her own learning strategies." Find the article.

RTI: EDUCATION WEEK WEBINAR. Education Week is offering a free webinar on RTI, scheduled for April 15th from 4 to 5 p.m. Eastern time. Find out more.

SENSORY-FRIENDLY FILMS. April is the first anniversary of the Sensory Friendly Films program. This year, according to Time Magazine, families will be able to see "How to Train Your Dragon at one of 93 theaters in 47 cities. The screenings features lowered but still-on lights, softer volume than normal, and more behavioral freedom for kids than is customary in theaters. Read about it.

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