Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DABROWSKI FANS may be interested in The Ninth International Congress for the Institute for Positive Disintegration in Human Development, to be held in St. Charles, Illinois, this July 22-24. Organizers call it "An interdisciplinary conference on Dabrowski’s theory of Positive Disintegration, drawing from education, psychology, religion, philosophy, counseling, spirituality." Dabrowski is noted in the 2e community for his writings on "overexcitabilities" as they apply to gifted young people. And, FYI, positive disintegration is not necessarily a contradiction in terms. Find out more about the conference.

MORE ON THE MEDIUM WE LOVE TO BASH. Science Daily reports a "shocking" study showing that
television exposure at age two forecasts negative consequences for kids, ranging from poor school adjustment to unhealthy habits. The article quantifies negative effects such as decreased activity, classroom engagement, and victimization by classmates. Read it.

SORRY, MOZART LOVERS -- NO "TWO-FERS." A recent study finds no evidence that listening to the music of Mozart can lead to cognitive enhancements. The "Mozart effect" is evidently just a legend. So just listen to the music for its own sake. Read about the study.

AD/HD MEDS AND ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT. According to a study reviewed this month by David Rabiner in Attention Research Update, AD/HD medication treatment over an extended period "is associated with significant gains in children's academic achievement." Rabiner notes caveats -- the gains were modest, for example, and the AD/HD classifications were not based on diagnostic evaluations. When the study is posted at Rabiner's site, it should be here.

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