Saturday, July 10, 2010

AD/HD AND HANDWRITING -- CONNECTED? That's the question Carla Crutsinger, of the organization Brainworks, asks in one of the tips she publishes on her website. In her experience, about 85 percent of students with AD/HD have problems with handwriting. In the tip, she lists the abilities needed for handwriting and considers factors such as directionality, pencil grasp, and visual perception. Find the article.

AD/HD PATCH USE EXTENDED. The AD/HD medication patch Daytrana, already approved for use in children 6 to 12 years old, has been approved by adolescents 13 to 17, according to Bloomberg/Businessweek.

TESTING PRESCHOOLERS FOR GIFTEDNESS. We posted recently on plans in New York City to test preschoolers as young as 3 for admission to gifted programs. That article in The New York Times generated quite a bit of response from adults, at least one of them a self-described "recovering gifted student." Read more.

MORE ON GIFTENESSS. Tamara Fisher, who recently blogged on the "not-so-rosy side of being gifted," this week gave equal time to the upside, derived mainly from comments from her own students. One example: "I just learn differently, and I'm okay with that." Read more.

EARLY MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES. Science Daily reports on a study indicating that about 20 percent of children entering kindergarten will exhibit "a psychiatric disorder with impairment." The researchers suggest screening at the transition to school. Find out more.

VIRTUAL AD/HD CONFERENCE. In an email, Dr. David Rabiner reminded his readers about the Virtual AD/HD Conference, to be held October 4-6. Session topics are not yet posted, so we don't know about coverage of topics related to giftedness and AD/HD. Find out more at the conference website.

GIFTED EDUCATION PRESS DISCUSSION BOARD. Maurice Fisher, publisher of Gifted Education Press, has set up a discussion board on his website to provide a forum for the discussion of any issue on educating the gifted. He intends the forum to be for teachers, parents, and program administrators. Visit the discussion board.

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