Thursday, July 15, 2010

UK FAMILY "RIDDLED WITH DYSLEXIA." In the Daily Telegraph, Anabel Heseltine, daughter of a prominent businessman and politician with dyslexia, describes how her brother and at least three of her four children are also dyslexic. She describes the appearance of the condition in each her children, how the family has handled the situation, and a little about how the state and schools in the UK handle children with dyslexia. Read more.

AN ARTICLE IN MODERN MOM asks the question, "Should you get your kids 'tested'?" -- as in cases where a three-year-old doesn't sit still. The author provides advice on when to worry and when to act. The author's bias? She thinks "we’ve lost sight of what constitutes a natural diversity between people and the interesting vagaries of small children," noting that the subject three-year-old had intelligent, individualistic parents. Read the article.

NATIONAL PARENTING GIFTED CHILDREN WEEK is July 18-24, reminds SENG and Sally L. Find out more at the SENG website.

CHANGING THE NEGATIVELY MOTIVATED. On July 20th, ASCD and Dr. Judy Willis offer a free webinar titled "How Can I Motivate My Students?" -- especially the ones who don't believe in their own potential. The webinar promises "neuro-logical" strategies to reverse negativity and reverse behavioral problems. Find out more.


Karen said...

I find opinions like those "Modern Mom" espouses in article to be so frustrating. She's mixing together behavioral issues with learning issues and naively assuming that all kids grow out of both challenges.
Testing is the best way to understand what is going on at the moment with a child and what their present needs might be. I hope that no parent of a 2e child reads her column and delays testing.

J Mark said...

Thanks for sharing your perspective.