Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MISDIAGNOSING AD/HD. USA Today reports on two studies showing that the youngest kids in their kindergarten classes are much more likely to be misdiagnosed with AD/HD. The article covers the potential implications of holding a child back a year, as well as certain possible caveats to the studies. Is (or was) your bright child among them? Read the article.

TEACHER'S RESOURCE. Edutopia is offering a back-to-school guide called "Jump Start Learning with New Media," intended to provide "fresh ideas and easy-to-use tools to engage your students and make learning more collaborative." Find out more and download the free PDF at the Edutopia site.

THE VALUE OF KINDERGARTEN: FOLLOW-UP. More on the topic of the value of a good kindergarten teacher and good kindergarten learning is available at the site of the National Science Foundation.

GIRLS AND WOMEN WITH ASPERGERS -- That's the topic of a new book about women who suffer from Asperger's without knowing it. The book, called Aspergirls, reportedly "explains how the condition presents differently in girls; how they can be diagnosed and helped, and how they can help themselves." Read more.

DISCOVERY CHANNEL SERIES ON PARENTING. A press release tells us that Discovery Health will air six specials during the week of September 13, all under the umbrella "Adventures in Parenting." Here's what the release says: "With premiere specials airing nightly, ADVENTURES IN PARENTING [caps theirs] profiles parents confronting diverse family issues, ranging from raising a child genius, to tackling childhood obesity, to caring for a child with Tourette's syndrome." A search at the Discovery Health site for a series of that title yielded no results, so "stay tuned."

NEW PRODUCTS FROM DEBORAH RUF. TalentIgniter is a new site and set of product offerings from Deborah Ruf, a writer and researcher on gifted matters. (Find her main site.) She says, "My team and I developed TalentIgniter to help people discover their own intellectual strengths and talents so that they can spend their time and resources wisely toward meeting their personal goals in life." The first product provides the intellectual profile of a child compared to others the same age. Find out more at the TalentIgniter site.

HELP FOR A DIFFICULT ISSUE. Well, it was a difficult issue in our family, trying to negotiate and enforce allowance allotments and duties with two bright and articulate young boys. Now a New York Times article describes a website that offers a free allowance calculator. The article also features several dozen reader comments on the subject. Find the article.

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