Thursday, August 12, 2010

WE MISSED SOME STUFF. The Dana Foundation publishes a paper (yes, paper) newsletter called Brain in the News, which we always enjoy. But this time Dana trumped us by finding a bunch of stories we missed, and which you might find interesting. One: how light (along with genetically manipulated brain cells) can change the brain, in an article called (obviously after a Detroit rock and roll singer), "Light Moves." Two: "Charting Creativity," using science to study how the brain comes up with creative ideas. Three, "Why Athletes Are Geniuses," about how the most talented athletes' brains are, in fact, superior to others' brains. Then there's "Why We Can't Do Three Things at Once. If you love this stuff, get your own sub to Brain in the News at the Dana Foundation site.

IN COLLEGE WITH AN LD? SELF-ADVOCATE. That's the message in a Boston Herald article about a young man who goes to Dean College. The article explains how one college accommodates college-able students with LDs. Read the article. And on the same topic, USA Today published an article titled "College-bound kids with learning disabilities get help," which you can read here.

SPECIAL K FOR BIPOLAR DEPRESSION. If you're one of those who are responsible for a gifted young person diagnosed with bipolar disorder, you might be interested in an article describing how the drug ketamine seems to work in patients with treatment-resistant bipolar depression. The study was small but rigorous, although reports don't say whether subjects included young people. But hope is hope. Read more.

More items soon.

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