Thursday, September 23, 2010

THE DUKE GIFTED LETTER for fall is out. Articles include:
LEFT BRAIN/RIGHT BRAIN. Bunk, says Daniel Willingham, drawing on a current article in the Psychological Bulletin that reviewed dozens of brain imaging studies of creativity. Creativity, supposedly a right-brain activity, turns out not to be well localized. While Willingham accedes to using  the terminology as shorthand, he'd like us to be more accurate when it comes to actually applying the concept. Read more.

TV'S "PARENTHOOD" AND ASPERGER'S. A Baltimore Sun columnist noted the return of NBC's series about a family in which a child has Asperger's, and consulted with an expert about the show's depiction. Read it.

BIPOLAR DISORDER AND COLLEGE. College can often "unleash" bipolar behaviors. CNN discusses stressors/triggers, consequences, and strategies. Find the article.

CONCUSSIONS. Yes, we've posted about it before, and yes, there have been many recent media pieces about the issue of concussions in young athletes -- but we feel compelled to note how concussions may affect your bright scholar/athlete. It turns out that the effects of concussions are long-lasting, and can affect areas of the brain associated with attention in particular, according to an article in The New York Times. The article raises the question of whether youngsters' resilience to many brain traumas holds true for the effects of concussions as well. Read the article. Separately, Education Week published an article on the same topic; find it.

FAPE. Read about it on the Wrightslaw website, in the most recent edition of Special Ed Advocate. Find out about "the legal concept of FAPE, who is responsible for providing a free, appropriate public education and what the courts have said about how it is delivered."

STRESSED AT 11 IN THE UK. Testing and pushy parents are leaving 11-year-olds in England and Wales stressed out, according to an article in the Daily Mail. The anxiety centers around a system of testing in science in use in those countries. Read more

FINAL SEVEN DAYS FOR FREE SHIPPING. Contact us if you haven't received notice of the "free shipping" offer for purchasers of the "Spotlight on 2e" series of booklets from Glen Ellyn Media, publisher of 2e Newsletter. The offer ends September 30th. Or find more information here

Happy change of season, wherever you might be. 

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