Sunday, September 12, 2010

FOLLOWING UP. Several mental health professionals took the time to write and respond to the recent article in The New York Times about the misdiagnosis and medication of a toddler, blogged about last week. Find the letters.

TECHNOLOGY AND LEARNING. A Washington, DC, technology blog writes about a California school experiment with iPads that will replace algebra textbooks for 400 eighth-graders. One of the participants in the program is a textbook publisher. The iPads will offer access to digital versions of the textbook along with instructional videos. Read more, and consider the ramifications for differentiation for gifted and 2e students. Separately, Edutopia featured an article on integrating technology into elementary schools, and another on how technology can facilitate differentiation.

DYSLEXIC ACHIEVERS. Read about a congressman and about a researcher/computer expert who both relate their early struggles with dyslexia and how they persevered and overcame. Find the article. (And find another article on the topic in the upcoming issue of 2e Newsletter, out soon.)

CHICAGO-AREA WORKSHOP. School psychologist Michael Gladstein, featured in a recent issue of
2e Newsletter on the various professionals that can help families of 2e children, is presenting a workshop titled "Executive Function: Key Techniques to Improve School-related Behaviors." The workshop is to be held the evening of October 5th in the Park Ridge, Illinois, offices of Kinetic Konnections, the program's sponsor. A $10 fee will be donated to a worthy cause. Find out more by contacting the sponsor at

THE TEEN BRAIN. If you have a real interest in the teenage brain -- and we mean $175 worth of interest -- check out an NYT Knowledge Network course called "Exploring the Teenage Brain." The course lasts from September 20th until October 15th and involves weekly online live sessions as well as self-paced lessons. Find out more.

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