Thursday, October 28, 2010

ALMOST CAUGHT UP... Which is a good thing, because the November briefing will come out in a few days, and items in the briefing will come from this month's blog posts. Read on...
UP AND RUNNING: THE LANG SCHOOL. Micaela Bracamonte's new private school for 2e students 6 to 11 was featured in an article at recently. Bracamonte, who has documented her thoughts on 2e education in a recent article for 2e Newsletter, currently hosts 13 children. Find out more.
ATTENTION RESEARCH UPDATE. David Rabiner's latest issue is online, and the topic is "friendship quality in children with AD/HD." Rabiner discusses a study that showed, overall, that friendships of children who have AD/HD are of lower quality. Read more about the results and the implications.
WRIGHTSLAW. The most recent edition of Special Ed Advocate contains another chunk of information on assistive technology -- strategies for negotiating about it with the school, how to include it in an IEP, and a success story. Find the newsletter.
ELECTRONIC READERS AND READING PROBLEMS. Education Week covers the pros and cons of e-readers (eg, Kindle, iPad) for students with dyslexia and other reading disabilities. If your bright student has reading difficulties, check out the article.
PRECOCIOUS AND DYSLEXIC. That's the subject of an article in the Arizona Republic about a young boy who as falling behind in his early grades, then diagnosed with severe dyslexia. He overcame many issues with the help of a reading-intervention therapist, and now, at 14, enjoys reading, art, and guitar, according to the article. Read more.

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