Friday, December 17, 2010

AD/HD AND SOCIETY. Is AD/HD a metaphor for our culture-- the distractions, multiple demands on attention, sound-byte society? An M.D. writing in The New York Times assures us that it is not -- and then goes on to succinctly summarize what's known about AD/HD's causes and history. Read the article.
GIFTED WITH NON-VERBAL LEARNING DISORDER. tells the story of a young, gifted boy who "Before the age of 1... could hum Brahms’ lullaby and the theme from Jeopardy. At 2, he could name the U.S. presidents in order and recognize their faces." But as he grew older, he struggled with a variety of problems -- struggling with motor tasks, and difficulty in play with other children, for example. The article goes on to explain that the boy was diagnosed with NLD, and provides an interesting primer on the topic. Read it
HIGHLY GIFTED IN MINNESOTA -- and getting services to dispel boredom. The state initiated funding for gifted education in 2005, and schools across the state are setting up programs for gifted elementary students. (The article quotes Wendy Behrens, a recent contributor to 2e Newsletter.) Find the article and see what Minnesota is doing.
STARTING A PARENT GROUP to support gifted children is the topic of a new publication from NAGC and Prufrock Press. You may download the guide at the NAGC site. NAGC has also launched a Career Center to help teachers find job opportunities in gifted ed. Find out more.
MEDS FOR ASPIES. A clinical trial is underway with a medication that  might improve social functioning for those with autism spectrum disorder. The medication, D-Cycloserine, was originally used to treat TB, and seems to resolve social deficits in a particular strain of anti-social mice. Read more

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