Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ON EDUCATION. The results of an international, standardized test of 15-year-olds in 65 countries is a wake-up call for the US -- and an affirmation of the dedication to educators and education in other countries, especially China, Korea, Finland, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, and dozens of other countries outscoring the US. Read more -- and wonder what kind of education your gifted or twice-exceptional child is getting.

HAVE YOU USED NEUROFEEDBACK? In conjunction with an upcoming issue, 2e Newsletter would like to hear from members of the twice-exceptional community who have tried neurofeedback to deal with learning challenges in their gifted children, especially those with attention issues. Whether your experiences were positive or negative, tell us more. 

WRIGHTSLAW, in the newest edition of Special Ed Advocate, provides answers to common questions about services and accommodations for children with AD/HD. Find it.

CYBERTHERAPY. We recently blogged about some applications of cybertherapy, the use of computers and simulations to treat mental or behavioral issues. Today, the Tufts Daily ran an article providing additional information on the topic. Read it.

EDUTOPIA. The December 8th edition of this e-newsletter covered, among other things, brain-based learning -- along with some caveats, calling some published advice wrong, useless, or not based in neuroscience. The article highlights some myths... and some things that work. Find the issue.

ASTROLOGY HAS A BASIS? The scientists call it "seasonal biology," but a study has shown that there is evidence for seasonal imprinting of biological clocks in mammals. That imprinting, in turn, could help explain why people born in winter months are more at risk for seasonal affective disorder syndrome, bipolar depression, and schizophrenia, according to a report of the study. Read more. (What does this have to do with twice-exceptionality? Not much. But we thought you, O Gifted One, would find it interesting.)

SMART KIDS WITH LDs. Wrightslaw points out to us that this organization's 2011 Youth Achievement Award is now open for nominations. Read more and find an application here.

LOOKING FOR A GIFT for a teacher who has helped your gifted/LD child? Consider one of the booklets in the 2e Newsletter "Spotlight on 2e" series of booklets. One directed specifically at educators is Understanding Your Twice-exceptional Student. Another is The Mythology of Learning: Understanding Common Myths about 2e Learners. Find out more.

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