Friday, February 25, 2011

ENCOURAGE AN ASPIE by showing him a great piece from the opinion pages of The New York Times, written by an oncologist in Kuala Lumpur who provides "an alternate view."  Based in self-awareness and empathy, the piece is a great example of insight, self-acceptance, and comfort. "You are different and you are special," says the column. "Many proud Aspies and I stand with you. You are not alone." Find it.
ASPIE HIGH-TECH COMPANY. Aspiritech, a Chicago-area software testing firm, hires Aspies exclusively, according to ZDNet. The article recounts the traits that would seem to lead to success in technology and software development. Read the article.
SEROTONIN AND ASPERGER'S. Is there a pattern to this post? Just chance. A third item on Asperger's that came to our attention today is the role that serotonin plays in autism. Apparently 30 percent of autism cases have "a serotonin component" which may be helped with the medication busprione, which is usually used for anxiety and depression. Find out more about how the drug helps social interaction (in mice, anyway).
MENTAL HEALTH IN INFANTS AND TODDLERS can be an issue because of the notion that these children do not develop disorders, or will grow out of them. Either trauma or the stress of everyday life can cause problems, according to an article at PsychCentral, which recommends early screening and increased training of healthcare and education professionals to recognize and deal with infant/toddler mental health issues. Find the article.
CEC ON U.S. EDUCATIONAL FUNDING. Watching the action in the Congressional sandbox as the players cut funds and restore, posture and obfuscate, and get very little done at all? The Council for Exceptional Children has just posted its analysis of the current House Funding Bill, which restored IDEA funding -- but cut half a billion from other education programs to do so. Read more, and watch your blood pressure.
AND FINALLY, THIS. Got a happy kid? She or he will more likely be a happy adult. Sounds reasonable, but now there's evidence to back it up. Find out more.

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