Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

IN THE NEWS. Well, there's lots of things in the news, but one issue of concern to the GT/LD community is federal funding to gifted and special education. Budget wrangling has begun (does it ever cease?) and the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) provides some analysis. Read it.
AD/HD. Expert Dr. Russell Barkley answered readers' questions in yesterday's issue of The New York Times, including queries on whether AD/HD is even an illness, neurological examination for AD/HD, and seeking professional help. Find it. Separately, Carla Crutsinger of Brainworks responds to the issue of whether to medicate an AD/HD child or not, more specifically to help a mom with four bright kids, the oldest with AD/HD. Read what Crutsinger recommends.
HOAGIES' GIFTED. We feel compelled to occasionally mention this resource for those in the 2e community. Not only is there a mind-boggling collection of resources and pointers for general giftedness, but Curator of All Things Gifted (our tag for her) Carolyn K also provides a substantial section on twice-exceptionalities. This site is often one of the first things we recommend when someone contacts us looking for resources. Find it.
BRIGHT BUT AGGRESSIVE KID? Worried about what the future might hold? A Dana Foundation article covers the topic. It's called "Forecasting Aggression: Toward a New Interdisciplinary Understanding of What Makes Some Troubled Youth Turn Violent." Read it.
NAGC NEWS. If you're not a member of the National Association for Gifted Children but are interested in the kind of things they offer and pursue, take a look at a recent newsletter from the organization. Topics include how the NAGC works to raise awareness of gifted education at the state level; the organization's take on the effect of budget wrangling on high-potential students; and 2e resources in the NAGC bookstore. (What?! No "Spotlight on 2e Series" booklets from 2e Newsletter?  If you've bought, read, and liked one of our booklets, tell NAGC to carry them! :-) Or, just order them from us.) Find the NAGC newsletter.
SURGERY FOR OCD? An article on the topic of brain surgery for psychiatric issues mentions its use for certain severe cases of OCD, and highlights the debate on such surgery. If severe OCD is an issue for that gifted kid you know, check out this article.

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