Friday, March 18, 2011

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

MORE ON DIET AND AD/HD. We recently posted on a newly published study of the effect of restrictive dieting in ameliorating symptoms of AD/HD in children. A follow-up article in the Los Angeles Times solicits feedback on that study from a variety of professionals. Read the article.
DYSLEXIC SUCCESS STORY. The Ocean City, New Jersey, Shore News Today profiled a young woman's success with the "Wilson Program" for reading, a program used in the Ocean City schools. The girl has gone from being unable to read in third grade to being an honors student as she leaves middle school. The girl and her mother have become advocates for reading remediation. Find the article, which also explains the origins of the Wilson Program.
VIRTUAL SCHOOLS FOR GIFTED STUDENTS is the topic of an article in Education Week. The article describes various university-sponsored programs for high-achieving K-12 students. The programs aid in enrichment, build community among the online learners, and take a burden off teachers in brick-and-mortar schools who would otherwise have to spend time challenging and differentiating for the gifted learners. Read the article.
AD/HD AND CREATIVITY. A new study shows that young adults with AD/HD exhibit more creativity than typical young adults. Find out more about the study.
RTI: MORE RESEARCH NEEDED? Education Week examines the background and application of Response to Intervention, and asks whether more research is necessary to tell when and where to use it well. If you're into the topic, check out the article

AND FINALLY, THIS. The US Federal Government is moving to combat bullying in school, but a young Australian victim took matters into  his own hands (or arms) after he was repeatedly struck in the face by a smaller but agressive boy. Recorded by a bystander, presumably on a cell phone, a video of the incident has, as they say, gone viral. (We offer this without judgment on the propriety of the victim's actions.) Find the video.

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