Friday, March 25, 2011

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

SURVEY OF MOMS OF GIFTED KIDS. A researcher (and member of the 2e community) is conducting a survey investigating the thoughts and feelings of mothers of gifted and twice-exceptional children (dads excluded). You may find out more and take the survey at SurveyMonkey.
AD/HD AND ATOMOXETINE. If you have a gifted kid with AD/HD, the choice of drug (or not to drug) is always a central part of dealing with the situation. According to Modern Medicine, the drug atomoxetine (Strattera) "is generally well tolerated and reduces core ADHD symptoms, but it fails to translate to overall clinical and functional improvement." Read more
INGENIOSUS. This gifted resource site contains a blog, resource listings, and archives of #gtchat, a weekly Twitter gathering on a particular topic. The site also mentions resources for twice-exceptional kids, such as 2e Newsletter and our (this) blog. Find the site
NOT MUCH NEWS -- that's it for today and this week. Have a good weekend!

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Brainhugger said...

Took the 2E survey. Great questions, but I missed the info with the details on the project on the last page?