Sunday, April 22, 2012

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

iPADS AND LDs was the subject of an article in the Washington Post recently. The article explained some of the ways the iPad and its apps can help students with LDs or autism. Among the advantages, according to the article: "With touch screens instead of pen and paper or a point-and-click mouse, tablets can be much easier to use by students with fine motor difficulties. They also help disorganized students by consolidating calendars, memos and notes all in one device." Find the article.

DEPRESSION. If this affliction is on the list of things you  worry about for your twice-exceptional child, you might want to check out an article in The New York Times Magazine for Sunday April 22. The title of the article is "Post-Prozac Nation: The Science and History of Treating Depression." Find the article.

ROEPER REVIEW. We received a hot tip via listserv that several articles from this esteemed journal are available free of charge at the Taylor & Francis Online website. The articles include on on the neurobiological foundations of giftedness; personal goal setting for gifted underachievers; gender bias in gifted referrals; and others. Find the articles on the right side of this page.

THE CENTER FOR TALENT DEVELOPMENT at Northwestern University holds an annual summer conference for gifted students and their families. This year the conference is on June 23 at the university's Evanston campus. One of the sessions is "Twice Exceptional: Understanding the Paradox of High Ability and Learning Challenges," presented by Steve Zecker of Northwestern. From  past experience we can attest to the fact that Zecker "gets" 2e. Find out more about the conference. 

LIVEBINDERS is a website that we found out about through one of Tamara Fisher's blogs. At, users create "binders" of resources, mostly for education, it looks like. One binder has to do with gifted resources; included in the binder is also a tab for "Multi Exceptional" (and you know what that means) resources. Find the gifted resources binder.

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