Thursday, May 3, 2012

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

ACCEPTING AD/HD. At the ADDitude website you can find the story of a minor league baseball player who made it to the bigs after accepting his diagnosis and starting meds. And then? "His rocky career path became a Yellow Brick Road. He finished the season with a .292 average and batted .306 for Chicago Cubs' AAA team in 2008. The next year, 2009, he signed, finally, at 31, with the San Francisco Giants, and he was key to helping them win the World Series in 2010." Read more about this gifted athlete and how what he learned can help young people with AD/HD.  
ASD AND COLLEGE. An article at the site of the Child Mind Institute offers advice pointers to resources for young people on the spectrum who want to go to college. The platform for the article is the experience of a young woman who is a junior at Vassar College. Find the article.
NOT ENOUGH SLEEP? Researchers have linked problems with learning, attention, and behavior to "excessive daytime sleepiness" -- EDS. This condition may exist even with no evidence of sleep apnea or diminished sleep time. The rate of occurrence? As much as 15 percent of children. Read more.
EDUCATION WEEK is offering five of its "Spotlights" free of charge. These include "Implementing Online Learning," "Special Education," and STEM." Find out more.
SENSORY PROBLEMS SEMINAR IN D.C. AREA. Carol Kranowitz presents "The Out-of Synch Child: Sensory Challenges and Sensory Solutions" during the evening of May 17 in Rockville, Maryland. Find out more.
EDUCATOR RESOURCES. Tamara Fisher, in her "Unwrapping the Gifted" blog, offers up a slew of professional development opportunities for those who teach gifted and advanced learners. Find her list.

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