Monday, May 7, 2012

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

ANXIETY IN THE CLASSROOM. The Huffington Post ran an article for teachers on identifying anxious students, offering tips on recognizing the condition, its effects, and differences from more "predictable" disorders. From the article: "This invisible disability can greatly affect academic performance as well. Anxiety impacts a student's working memory, making it difficult to learn and retain information. The anxious student works and thinks less efficiently, which significantly affects the student's learning capability." Read more.
SHIFTING DISABILITIES. "Traditional" disabilities for kids such as asthma are no longer in the "top 5," being replaced by conditions such as AD/HD, autism, and other mental, emotional, or behavioral problems, according to a report written up in The Columbus Dispatch. Find out more.
THIS WEEK (May 6th) is "Exceptional Children's Week," according to the Council for Exceptional Children; get their take on it. It's also "National Children's Mental Health Awareness Week," according to the Child Mind Institute; find out more
THE CHILD MIND INSTITUTE surveyed parents about their beliefs concerning AD/HD, LDs, and mental health. Some of the beliefs may be of interest to those in the 2e community. For example: "63% of parents said... Too many children are being diagnosed with ADHD when they just have behavioral issues." And about a third of parents ascribed AD/HD to bad parenting. So take that, all you bad parents out there! :-(  Read more
DSM AND AUTISM. Some observers of proposed changes to the DSM have feared that some children now diagnosed as having an ASD would be excluded under new criteria, thereby possibly losing services or accommodations. A new study indicates that the new criteria might not have that effect. Read more.
POST-TERM KIDS: MORE AD/HD? HealthDay reports that children born post-term are more likely to have AD/HD and other problem behavior. Find the HealthDay report; find the study.
EDUCATOR'S RESOURCE: GOOGLE. Technorati notes features in Google online apps, including Google voice, that can help kids stay organized, help teachers send reminders, allow teachers to send brief "snippets of instruction" that a student can replay, or help students record and review their own speech. Find out more.
GIFTED DEVELOPMENT CENTER. The May newsletter is out and profiles GDC staff member Miriam Darnell, who long-time readers of 2e Newsletter know as an innovator of getting 2e kids to read using "Druidawn." Also included: a review of GDC's participation in the creation of extended norms for WIPPSI-IV and a sad item about psychologist George Dorry, a one-time contributor to 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter.  Find the GDC newsletter.

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