Tuesday, May 22, 2012

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

2e ACHIEVER. Brian Grazer is an Oscar-winning writer/producer with dyslexia. In an interview at the site of the Child Mind Institute, he talks about school (horrible), who supported him (grandmother), the things that gave him confidence (sports) or devastated him (sports), and more. It's a great interview laced with humor and insight. Read it.

TOURETTE'S DOCUMENTARY. A young man with Tourette's has partnered with an "American Idol" finalist who also has a Tourette's to create a documentary about what it's like to have the disorder. According to Fox News,  Areil Small from Chicago once had a principal who told him, "Well you know, I don’t really think you have Tourette’s. I think you’re just using that as an excuse for bad behavior." Read more about the young man and the documentary.

GIFTED PROGRAM FUNDING. Education Week covered the current state of funding for the Javits Program (still $0) and discusses efforts to revive it. Read more.

fMRI PRIMER. Find out about the current state (and some of the history of) magnetic imaging in a Nature magazine article from this past April that we evidently missed at the time.

LOUD MUSIC CAUSES RISKY SEX? Cause and effect? Or just coincident? A study reported in Pediatrics linked "risky music behaviors" to other behaviors. Here's a capsule from the article on what the study found: "Risky music-listening behaviors are highly associated with traditional health-risk behaviors. Risky MP3-player listeners are often cannabis users. Frequent visitors of music venues are less often cannabis users, but are often binge drinkers and have sexual intercourse without using a condom." Our parents were right: Rock and roll IS the devil. Find out more; or download a PDF of the article.

DYSCALCULIA. LD.org recently published an article called "Dyscalculia: The Importance of Mathematics in the LD Equation." If this brand of LD is of interest to you, check out the article.

BEZOS SCHOLARS PROGRAM. Amazon's founder has funded a unique intellectual experience for those who are chosen to attend. The Bezos Scholars Program @ the Aspen Institute has announced the selection of the 2012 Bezos Scholars. The all-expense-paid scholarship brings together 12 of the nation's top public high school juniors and 12 exceptional educators for a week of exploration, dialogue and debate at the Aspen Ideas Festival in June. Find out more.

AND FINALLY THIS -- something more to worry about. It seems that researchers have found that the descendants of animals exposed to certain compounds have "an increased reaction to stress," even when that exposure was generations earlier. Putting in human terms, ""The ancestral exposure of your great grandmother alters your brain development to then respond to stress differently. We did not know a stress response could be programmed by your ancestors' environmental exposures," according to one of the researchers. So we now mix nature, nurture, and heritable epigenetics? Read more.

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