Friday, May 25, 2012

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

SHY? OR INTROVERTED? Is that quiet gifted child you raise or teach shy or introverted? In a recent article, Education Week addresses the issue of introversion -- its effect in the classroom, its prevalence, and its differences from shyness. According to the article: "There's a distinction between shyness—generally associated with fear or anxiety around social contact—and introversion, which is related to a person's comfort with various levels of stimulation." The article provides tips for helping the introverted student succeed in the classroom. Read the article.

AD/HD AND SUMMER VACATION. has a piece that provides "summer survival tips for parents of children with AD/HD." Covered are topics such as structure, avoiding the "summer slide," summer camp options, and whether to take a break from meds. Read more.

LD RESOURCE. A special ed teacher, as a project for course in special ed law, created a website called Special Education Nation. The site provides information on the 13 legally-recognized disabilities in the U.S., including specific learning disabilities, ASD, and the umbrella category of "other health impairments" into which AD/HD falls. For each disability the site provides information such as a definition, causes, characteristics, instructional strategies, and the effect on adolescents. Find the site.

STUDENT RESOURCE. A website called claims to offer "25,000 tutorials on a variety of subjects including math, science, English, and more taught by hundreds of teachers and education enthusiasts using a mixture of text, audio, video, and slideshows." According to the organization, Bill Nye (the Science Guy) will be part of a a Summer Challenge program on June 5 that will offer students a weekly chance to win iPads if they complete tutorials and quizzes on the site from June 5-July 29, 2012. Find the site.

GIFTED EDUCATION PRESS QUARTERLY. The summer issue of this journal is out, and it includes an article on stimulating summer reading for the gifted and another by 2e Newsletter editorial advisory board member Joan Franklin Smutny on teaching gifted English language learners. Find the journal.

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