Thursday, June 14, 2012

News Items Collected by the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

GIFTED ED PARADIGM? The founder and co-chair of Speyer Legacy School for the gifted in Manhattan hopes to make the Speyer brand of education "the new norm nationwide," according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, using the related Speyer Institute. According to the article, "The philosophy of the school allows students to be a part of developing their own curriculum and includes intense work in reading, math, science and humanities courses. Speyer Legacy also incorporates chess, fencing, art, music, nutrition, languages and the environment, among other activities." Read more.
AD/HD DRUGS: NY TIMES ARTICLE FOLLOWUP. Forbes ran a followup to the recent New York Times article on the misuse of AD/HD stimulant meds by students without AD/HD. The Forbes author takes a look at "the science and medicine behind [the] trend," noting that the problem isn't exactly new and asserting that the Times article perpetuates a myth or two. Read the Forbes article.
SENG. The SENG Vine newsletter for May/June is out and includes a tribute to Annemarie Roeper, some summer tips, a take on diversity in giftedness, and a preview of an upcoming SENG webinar (or, as they call it, SENGinar) titled "Parent Engagement in Promoting a STEM Identity among Gifted Black Students." Find the newsletter.
TEENS AND ACTIVITY. They're better off active -- and will tell you so. An Australian study has found that active teens report a better health-related quality of life than sedentary counterparts. Read about the study, and nag that teen!

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