Thursday, June 28, 2012

News Items from the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

DIFFERENTIATING AD/HD AND SPD. ADDitude has posted an article on the differences between sensory processing problems and AD/HD in children. The article, by the mother of a young girl who has both conditions, covers symptoms in common, gives more info on SPD, and discusses the risk of SPD. Find the article.
ATTENTION RESEARCH UPDATE. The June issue of this newsletter has been posted. It's titled "Being Young for Grade Increases Odds of ADHD Diagnosis." In it, David Rabiner  reviews three recently published studies that, according to Rabiner,  "investigated the association between a child's age relative to his or her classmates and the likelihood of being diagnosed and treated for AD/HD." Find the newsletter.  
THE CHILD MIND INSTITUTE has posted an article on separation anxiety, a topic that may bring back excruciating memories to some parents. If your bright or sensitive young one is a candidate, check out the article.  Separately, the Institute has also posted an article on the topic of "summer drug holiday" for kids on AD/HD stimulant meds. Not sure how to deal with summer meds for that AD/HD kid at your house? Find the article
BEHAVIORAL FEEDBACK FOR KIDS WITH AD/HD. Two studies just out deal with feedback (of one sort or another) for kids with AD/HD. According to the University of Chicago, research done there shows that rewards can improve test performance. "The team studied the impact of incentives on students taking relatively short, standardized diagnostic tests given three times a year to determine their grasp of mathematics and English skills. Unlike other tests on incentives, the students were not told ahead of time of the rewards so they could not study but rather demonstrated the impact of the rewards themselves on performance." Read more. Another study dealt with "daily report cards" for key behaviors and goals, and  how those report cards can improve the behavior of students with AD/HD. Read more
GIFTED DEVELOPMENT CENTER. This Denver organization has issued its June newsletter, previewing the upcoming Dabrowski Congress, providing a tribute to Annemarie Roeper, and providing a retrospective of findings from the Center's 50 years' of work. Find the newsletter.

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