Tuesday, July 3, 2012

News Items from the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

ANTIDEPRESSANTS. We've blogged about recent articles casting doubt on the use of anti-depressants. The issue is important for those in the 2e community because twice-exceptional kids often have anxiety and/or depression along with their giftedness and learning challenges. A lengthy article in proto, from the Massachusetts General Hospital, addresses the issue. The article provides a brief history of antidepressants and then goes on to address some of the contentions espoused recently by anti-antidepressant authors. If your child has symptoms of depression, this article might be worth a look. Find the article.
AUTISM, SCHIZOPHRENIA, BIPOLAR DISORDER. Do they have common, underlying factors? New research indicates that they might. The research studied the presence of ASD in those with parents or siblings who had one of the other two disorders, and found a much higher risk of ASD. Read more.
"OBAMACARE." Will the Affordable Health Care Act affect the treatment your child receives for 2e-related conditions? Psych Central says that it might. Their analysis notes that mental health care will become accessible to more people and that pre-existing conditions won't be a basis for denying coverage, something that might have vexed some parents heretofore. Read more.
AUTISM SPEAKS SPEAKS -- to the members of the DSM-5 Neurodevelopmental Disorders Work Group about Autism Speak's concerns with potential changes to the diagnostic process for ASD and Asperger's. See their concerns.
READING PROBLEMS. The head of the Texas Center for Learning Disabilities, interviewed in the Houston Chronicle, provided  his opinions on the best ways to help struggling readers -- starting early with interventions, for example. One of the most interesting parts of the interview came near the end. Asked what he would do with a "magic wand," the neuropsychologist said that he would eliminate excessive testing in favor of interventions. "I'm a psychologist. We teach assessment. We do too much of it." Find the article.
DYSLEXIC ADVANTAGE NEWSLETTER. A new edition is out, but you'll have to sign up for it at DyslexicAdvantage.com if you want to see all the goodies. However, you can see some of the articles at the Dyslexic Advantage blog, including one on the implications of dyslexia for the workplace,and how education should help dyslexics expand their strengths and abilities. Go to the blog.
GIFTED DEVELOPMENT CENTER. The 10th Dabrowski Congress is coming up July 19-21 in Denver. Topics covered will include overexcitabilities (of course), ethical development, gifted children and adults, twice exceptional children, women writers, temperament, introversion, learning style, sensitivity, crisis, inner conflict, loss, courage, peace, service, religious experience, creativity, poetry, authentic educational practice, classroom strategies and homeschooling. CEUs are available for professionals; parents are invited as well. Find out more
2013 WORLD GIFTED CONFERENCE. Thinking about going to New Zealand for this conference? There a web page where you can learn more about the event as it approaches. Find the page
PRUFROCK FREE DOWNLOAD. If you have an interest in RTI, you may download the introduction and two chapters from the  book Response to Intervention in the Core Content Areas. Find the download
AND FINALLY, THIS. Carnegie Mellon research shows that parents are less likely to develop colds than non-parents. See? You knew there was a benefit. :-)  Read more.

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Matt Holloway said...

Thank you for the autism/schizophrenia/bipolar link. I have worked with several individuals whose autism looked very much like the DSM-IV schizophrenia, "disorganized type." Now that the evidence is building for a genetic correlation between disorders, I think we will eventually learn that the disorders themselves are two sides of one large, complex coin.

-- Matt Holloway