Sunday, July 15, 2012

News Items from the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

NPGCW -- that's National Parenting Gifted Children Week, as SENG reminds us in its July newsletter -- and it's this week, July 15-21. On the heels of the just-concluded 2012 conference, SENG also announces the dates for next year's conference in Orlando, Florida: July 19-21, 2013. Also in the newsletter, an article by Jane Hesslein called "Parenting a Gifted Child Is..." -- a list of what that means to her, such as "having your dinosaur pronunciation corrected." You may find familiar memories. Find the article.
CHILD MIND INSTITUTE. New at this site are articles on "The Secret to Calm Parenting: Quieting the Body to Quiet the Mind," and "Helping Anxious Kids Enjoy Summer Camp."
PRODIGIES, AUTISM -- LINKS?  An article at Disability Scoop starts off this way: "When a team of researchers homed in on a group of eight wildly-talented child prodigies, they found that autism may have something to do with the children’s extraordinary abilities." The study seems to indicate that autism runs in the families of the eight prodigies studied. Read more.
DIAGNOSING DYSLEXIA WITH MRI. MRI scans can detect brain activity that might mark dyslexia, even before a child learns to read. An article on a study from Children's Hospital Boston also states that between 5 and 17 percent of children are affected by dyslexia. Read more.
AUTISM, SALIVA, PUPIL SIZE. A study at the University of Kansas have found two physiological traits in children with ASD. The children had larger resting pupil size and a lower level of a salivary enzyme associated with norephinephrine, indicating that the kids "are in overdrive" when it comes to their autonomic nervous systems. Find out more
NOT JUST FOR KIDS. College-age students are urged by a community health professor to update their vaccinations -- for meningitis, HPV, TDAP, Hepatitis A, and flu, plus vaccines not offered earlier in the student's life, like chicken pox. Find out more
NEW ENGLAND CONFERENCE ON GIFTED AND TALENTED. This is on the site of the Connecticut Association for the Gifted: "The 18th annual New England Conference on Gifted and Talented  Education was scheduled to be hosted by and held in Rhode Island October 2012.  However, due to the unfortunate dissolution of the Rhode Island NAGC affiliate, RIAGE (Rhode Island Advocates for Gifted Education), the event has been cancelled for this year.  NECGT 2013 is scheduled to be held in Maine as planned.  Please contact CAG for information on alternative resources in 2012." 
AND FINALLY, THIS. From Science Daily: "Current research from the University of Luxembourg found that when participants were asked to select gift products after they had played a violent video game, inexperienced players selected more hygienic products, such as shower gel, toothpaste and deodorant, compared to those who played violent video games more often. Inexperienced players also felt higher moral distress from playing violent games." They call it the Macbeth Effect. Read more.

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