Thursday, August 30, 2012

AD/HD IN COLLEGE. The Child  Mind Institute offers 10 tips for going to college with AD/HD. Among them:  go to class; and sleep. Find the article and the rest of the tips. The article also contains a pointer to advice for parents of college students with AD/HD.
AUTISM, INFLAMMATION. We recently posted an item about a New York Times article linking inflammation to autism. It seems caution might be advised in accepting that author's hypothesis about the connection. A commentator at the site of the Child Mind Institute calls the hypothesis "a tantalizing thread based on pieces of research most readers won't be able to evaluate, and offered as an opinion piece with no comment from scientists." Read more from the Child Mind Institute.  
MATH AND BRAIN HEMISPHERES. A study indicates that a strong connection between brain areas in the left and right hemispheres facilitates basic arithmetic. One of the researchers suggests that disrupted or inefficient inter-hemispheric communication might be associated with dyscalulia. Read more.
AUTISM INTERVENTIONS. An analysis of interventions for adolescents with autism concluded that "there is insufficient evidence to support findings, good or bad, for the therapies currently used." Interventions monitored included treatments to improve social skills; medical treatment; and vocational interventions. Read more.
INTROVERTS, EXTROVERTS. A study following the progress of shy children in preschool indicates that they begin at a disadvantage and don't gain as much during the year as peers who are more pushy and outgoing. Read more.
DORE ACADEMY. This school in North Carolina that caters to students with AD/HD and dyslexia has received a $1.1 million donation from a dyslexic who succeeded in business; the donation will allow the school to expand to four times its current size. The school will be renamed in honor of the donor, John Crosland, who was quoted in a Charlotte Observer article as advising students, “[D]on’t be bothered by what other people say about you. Even if they say you are dumb.... If you try hard enough, you can overcome anything.” Find the article.
"BACK TO SCHOOL" are words we've read dozens of times over the past few weeks as we've trolled for useful items for this briefing. Wrightslaw offers 10 tips for the new school year that could be useful for parents of twice-exceptional children. The list starts out:
  1. Re-read your child's IEP
  2. Meet with your child's teacher
...and goes on from there. Find the tips.
CHALLENGE OPPORTUNITY. Each year, the Spirit of Innovation Challenge (Conrad Challenge) gives high school students around the world the opportunity to create commercially-viable products to address issues of global sustainability for the benefit of humanity. Students create an innovation that is interesting to them and is of value to humanity. Participation is free and open to all students around the globe and uses an online community to facilitate student, teacher and mentor collaboration. Supporting the program is a robust online library and a network of world-renowned scientists, engineers, academics and business leaders who assist students in developing their ideas. Are you raising or teaching a bright student interested in STEM? Visit
NOT JUST IN TOYS AND PLASTIC BOTTLES.We've blogged about phthalates and their potential  link to conditions such as AD/HD. The substance is found in many plastics, including toys. But a press release from the Center for Health, Environment, and Justice says that 75 percent of children’s school supplies tested in a laboratory had elevated levels of toxic phthalates, including popular Disney, Spiderman, and Dora branded school supplies such as vinyl lunchboxes, backpacks, three-ring binders, raincoats, and rain boots. Want to protect your child from this endocrine disruptor? Read the press release, or read an article based on the release.

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