Thursday, September 13, 2012

News Items from the Publisher of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

AD/HD MEDS OVER-PRESCRIBED? You can vote your opinion on this issue and see results to date at the Wall Street Journal Health Blog. Visitors may also add comments; 24 are posted as of Thursday the 14th. Vote.
LD IN COLLEGE. An article about Clemson University's Student Disabilities Services leads off with the story of a young woman with dyslexia who takes advantage of the service. The article describes how the office of Disability Services works to aid students who have requested help, about 700, including about 500 who have AD/HD or a specific learning disability. Read the article.
MATH ANXIETY can undermine the success of an otherwise capable student by disrupting working memory. Ironically, a study has found that about half of high-achieving young students have medium to high math anxiety. But there are things that can help. Read more.
TESTING MOM is a website catering to parents with children who are candidates for entrance to private schools or to gifted and talented programs. The site contains information about the various kids of tests, along with practice questions and interactive games. Need an edge in testing? Find out more.
LD ONLINE, in its current newsletter, focuses on the parent-teacher relationship -- building that relationship and building trust. Find the newsletter.
NCLD. The current edition of LD News for Parents contains articles centering on therapy and emotional support for children with LDs. Find the newsletter.
TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES FOR LEARNING. An Iowa elementary school's technology head offers his picks for technology that can "help get children back into learning mode." The various resources mentioned for younger students encourage reading skills, math, the arts, and even programming. Read the article.

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