Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SENG'S NEW E.D. The organization Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) has announced its new executive director, Elizabeth Campbell, who assumed her post on September 1. Find out more about Ms. Campbell in the current edition of SENGVine.
LINDA NEUMANN: 100 WORDS. Also in the current edition of SENGVine, 2e Newsletter co-publisher Linda Neumann offers "100 Words of Wisdom" (part of a series) to parents of twice-exceptional children. From the first sentence: "It's okay to be out of step." Find the "100 Words" in the SENGVine or at the SENG site.
DROP OUT, IT'S GOOD FOR YOU. We've posted before about Peter Thiel, a billionaire and innovator who bankrolls under-20 innovators who want to make a difference. According to a New York Times article, his offer is $50,000 per year for two years for not going to college but instead pursuing one's "next big thing" in the real world. Read more about Thiel Fellows. 
HOMEWORK REFUSAL is the topic of the current edition of Wrightslaw's Special Ed Advocate, with article titles like "Master of Deception," "Not a Discipline Issue," and "Does Your Child Have Difficulty with Organization. Find Special Ed Advocate.
ARE KIDS "LITTLE ADULTS"? Not when it comes to drug metabolism -- yet, as Scientific American points out, only about half of the drugs commonly prescribed to children 18 and under have gone through the same rigorous trials as drugs prescribed to adults. The article explains differences in how kids and adults might metabolize a med, and explains how the FDA is trying to address the issue. Read more.
YES I CAN! The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is accepting nominations for four more weeks for the 2013 Yes I Can! awards, which recognize achievements in a variety of areas by young people who have disabilities. Find out more.
CONVERSATIONS AT ADDITUDE include one on tummy aches (is it the meds?), neurofeedback (as an alternative to meds), and friend problems (lack of). Follow the conversations.
EDUCATION ON YOUTUBE.  YouTube has launched an initiative to find 10 outstanding online educators, "the next generation of educational YouTube stars." YouTube says, "We’re looking for content creators who create all kinds of curriculum-related videos, from grammar to geography, history to histograms. You can submit any style of video as long as it’s educational and family-friendly..." Find out more.

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