Monday, October 29, 2012

News and Resources from the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

EARLY AUTISM INTERVENTION. An intensive early intervention therapy that is effective for improving cognition and language skills among very young children with autism also normalizes their brain activity, decreases their autism symptoms and improves their social skills, a nationwide study has found. The researchers said the study is the first to demonstrate that an autism early intervention program can normalize brain activity. Read more.

AUTISM AND FLYING. Some airports are now offering parents with autistic children "mock boarding" experiences to help familiarize the children with the process and to prevent anxiety and disruptive behavior. Other than the airport in Atlanta, the participating facilities are all on the East Coast. Find out more.

THE DYSLEXIC BRAIN. Edutopia offers a blog about "four things all educators should understand about the dyslexic brain." The four things cover writing, automated processes, memory, and creativity. Find the blog

DOCUMENTARY ON DYSLEXIA. On HBO today, Monday, is the documentary "The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia," in which the director (Robert Redford's son, whose own son is dyslexic) interviews dyslexics who coped with the condition in a variety of ways. The Washington Post says, "The film follows the happy-ending stories of a handful of unusually bright kids..." Read more

GIRLS AND AD/HD -- specifically, "How Girls and Women Can Win with AD/HD" -- is the topic of a free webinar offered by ADDitude on Tuesday, October 20 at 1pm Eastern time. Find out more.  

FISH OIL AND WORKING MEMORY. In what is claimed to be the first study of its kind, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have determined that healthy young adults ages 18-25 can improve their working memory even further by increasing their Omega-3 fatty acid intake. Their findings have been published online in PLOS One. The researchers' imaging studies, however, did not explain the mechanisms of the improvement, a topic for further study. Read more

SCHOOL CHOICE. If you're interested in the debate on vouchers and school choice and politics, there's a discussion going on in the CEC section of LinkedIn on the topic. This may be of interest to those in the 2e community because IDEA funds often go to provide services for kids with learning challenges. If you're on LinkedIn, find the discussion

WORLD CONFERENCE. We posted that the World Conference scheduled in New Zealand by the organization World Council for Gifted and Talented Children was canceled; however, it appears that the conference is now scheduled for Louisville, Kentucky, on August 10-14, 2013. Find more information

PAST "BACK TO SCHOOL." As we get further into the school year, the Child Mind Institute offers tips for parents to work with school to promote academic and social achievement -- tips on checking in with the teacher, on conferences, and on getting more help. Read more.

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