Friday, October 5, 2012

News Items and Resources from the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

CAN WE TALK? Looking over prospective blog items from the past few days, we were struck that we found three on the same topic: productive communication between parents and educators. We took that as a signal to pass them on. 
  • The first one, from an educator's point of view, appeared in the Huffington Post and included tips on body language, what to call the parents (not "mom" or "dad"), and finger-pointing, among others. Find it.
  • The second was a write-up of a study of parent/teacher communication by researchers at Western Kentucky University, who found that "parent-teacher communication centers around five different topic areas: academic performance, classroom behavior, child's academic and social preparation for school, hostile communication between peers, and health related issues." The researchers analyzed  how parents and teachers communicated over these areas. Read more.
  • The third item was a list of resources from Edutopia under the title "Opening the Lines of Communication." The resources are directed at parents and can be found at Edutopia's site.
There you go, and don't blame us if the next IEP or 504 meeting goes poorly.

ASSESSMENT RESOURCES. From the same Edutopia article as above, resources about classroom-based assessments as well as high-stakes testing. Find it.  

MISSED THIS. The eloquent child development researcher Alison Gopnik has authored a report, just published, examining the topic of play in young children. From an article about the report: "When engaged in what looks like child’s play, preschoolers are actually behaving like scientists...  forming hypotheses, running experiments, calculating probabilities and deciphering causal relationships about the world." Gopnik's point is that we should not make pres-schools more like schools -- that exploration and play allows child development. Find the article

KHAN ACADEMY is in the news twice this week, once in an article by Salman Khan titled "The Rise of the Tech-Powered Teacher" in Education Week, and again in a segment of the Diane Rehm Show on NPR. If you're a fan -- or looking for potential enrichment or remedial resources for that twice-exceptional child -- check them out. 

KGTC CONFERENCE. The Kansas Association for Gifted, Talented, and Creative begins its annual conference this weekend, starting on Sunday. As well as presenting a keynote address, Nadia Webb will present an all-day session on Tuesday called "Twice-Exceptional: Diagnosis and Misdiagnosis." Find out more

TEACHING GIFTED KIDS in Today's Classroom, third edition, by Susan Winebrenner and Dina Brulles (two of our favorite authors), has been published by Free Spirit Press. According to the publisher, the book includes information on addressing gifted kids with special needs. Find out more.

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