Wednesday, October 3, 2012

News Items from the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

DSM-5 AND AUTISM. A new analysis indicates that proposed changes to the definition of autism in the DSM-5 will not leave out as many children as previously estimated. The analysis says that the number of children currently diagnosed who would be excluded under the new definition will be around ten percent. Read more at The New York Times or Newswise

GENES AND IQ. A new study indicates that many genes thought to be linked to intelligence do not affect IQ. While intelligence is still, obviously, considered heritable, this conclusion means that researchers must keep looking for the genetic causes of intelligence. Says the lead researcher, "there are probably thousands of genes and their variants that are associated with intelligence. And there may be other genetic effects beyond the single gene effects. There could be interactions among genes, or interactions between genes and the environment." Read more.  

GIFTED RESOURCES. A blog entry at Jo Freitag's website provides information on the transition of GT Chat, a Twitter discussion group on giftedness. The entry provides information on the new leader as well as other aspects of the group. Read more

BULLYING AND THE GIFTED is the title of a piece in Psychology Today. It clarifies some of the reasons why gifted children may become targets. Read more. (Thanks to Jo Freitag for bringing this to our attention through her Gifted Resources Newsletter.) 

STUDY PARTICIPATION OPPORTUNITY. A researcher at Ball State University in Indiana is looking for parents of gifted children with autism to participate in a study, which will consist of interviews with the parents about their experiences raising those kids. Find more information at our site, If you're interested, contact the researcher (info on our site) and maybe contribute something to the 2e community.

GIFTED CONFERENCE CANCELLATIONS. We've received word that the New York AGATE Conference scheduled for this month has been cancelled. In addition, a site with information about the World Conference on Gifted and Talented scheduled for August of 2013 in New Zealand notes that that conference has been canceled as well. 

NCLD notes that October is LD Awareness Month, and in October the organization is spotlighting dyslexia. Find out more in an email from NCLD or at the organization's website

SCHOOL REFUSAL. If that's an issue at your house, be aware that the Child Mind Institute is featuring an article on the topic this week on the Institute's website. Find it

MANHATTAN OPEN HOUSE. The Lang School for the twice-exceptional (or, as school head Micaela Bracamonte calls them, "gifted/LC (learning challenged)" students, is on October 15th at 6pm. Find out more

WASHINGTON, DC, EVENTS. Rich Weinfeld's Weifeld Education Group is co-sponsoring two fall evening workshops, one on irritability, depression, and bipolar disorder in children and the other on CBT for kids with anxiety, depression, or AD/HD. Find out more

SIEMENS CHALLENGE. The Siemens Foundation has kicked off the We Can Change the World Challenge, in which K-12 students identify environmental problems or issues in their schools, communities and across the globe and devise plans to solve them. Teams participate through their schools. Find out more.

AND FINALLY, THIS. Twice-exceptional children may receive conflicting signals from the world, some related to their giftedness, some to their challenges, and some to the combination. We found a cartoon today that nicely illustrates the situation. See for yourself.

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