Monday, October 22, 2012

News Items, Resources from the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

AD/HD AWARENESS WEEK was last week, as we noted in our last blog posting. To observe it, ADDitude Magazine, besides kicking off its "Expert Web Chat Series," also offered other resources in its website -- an Awarness Week Poster and a Name Your AD/HD Hero Contest. Also available: "printables" that include "Smart Comebacks to Doubters" and "25 Things to Love about ADD." Find the Awareness Week page

NCLD AND AD/HD. The National Center for Learning Disabilities also highlighted AD/HD resources and information last week, pointing to its website's AD/HD section and to a new feature from Carter Norman, A Father and Educator’s Story: AD/HD Myths, Diagnoses, and Treatments, which NCLD calls "a refreshingly honest account of his own experience as a parent and an educator." 

EDUCATORS GUILD NEWSLETTER. "Motivation" is the topic of the month for this publication.You'll find a video by Daniel Pink on intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation; another video on identifying how students are motivated; and a list of articles and books on motivation and the gifted child. Find the newsletter

GIFTED AND UNDERACHIEVING. The Educators Guild Newsletter mentioned above also contained a reference to an article titled "Maybe Gifted Underachievers Are More Creative," posted on PsychCentral, that we had to check out. The article speculates on reasons for underachievement by gifted students -- high levels of creativity that make learning in a traditional learning environment difficult, for example, or teachers who are critical or rigid.  The article also mentions the role of low self-esteem in either under- or over-achievement. Find the article. (Thanks, Mark D.)

IEP TOOL. A company called Goalbook is seeking to create "the first social and mobile platform for special education teacher," according to But it's more than just social media -- it's a tool to help make the IEP a living document (or, at least, an electronic one) that is easy to communicate among all concerned, to modify, and to monitor. It will be a repository that also includes assessments, instructional resources, and individual goals aligned to Common Core State Standards. Sounds as if Goalbook could turn IEPs into truly individualized, dynamic, and helpful tools for those twice-exceptional kids who need them. Find TechCrunch's write-up.

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