Thursday, October 25, 2012

News Items, Resources from the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

CHALLENGING THE TWICE-EXCEPTIONAL. A blogger at wrote about the importance of making sure that twice-exceptional kids are challenged. The blogger, an attorney with experience in both gifted and special ed, suggests the IEP as a vehicle for this, but also offers suggestions for when no IEP is in place. Find the blog

BULLYING, DYSLEXIA. A nerdy kid, awkward, not good at school or sports. A target for bullies. Dyslexic. That was Steven Spielberg's childhood, as rehashed at a blog at the Child Mind Institute. The visual arts were his salvation. "Movies made me feel inside my own skill set," he is quoted as saying. Find out more.   

THE CHILD MIND INSTITUTE also features this week an article on problem behavior in preschoolers and what to do about it. Whether or not your twice-exceptional kid's problem behavior stems from giftedness or some sort of challenge, this article might be of interest. Find it

LEARNING AND THE BRAIN, the November Boston edition, is coming up soon, November 16-18. Session titles are full of words and phrases such as "the neuroscience of learning," "different learners," "diverse learners," and "neurodiversity." Find out more about the conference sessions.  

SPECIFIC LANGUAGE IMPAIRMENT is the topic of an article in the UK's Guardian, presenting tips for teachers on  how to spot problems in speech, language, and communication. Find the article

EXERCISE AND AD/HD. Exercise can benefit kids with AD/HD, according to a study published in this week's Journal of Pediatrics. A single 20-minute bout of exercise apparently improves both neurocognitive function and inhibitory control. Read more

BEWARE, says a recent study of websites offering information on pediatric health -- some websites, most often commercial websites as opposed to academic sites, present poor information. Find out more

CHOOSING A COLLEGE when you have AD/HD is the topic of a semi-recently updated (6/2012) article at The article mentions Beacon and Landmark colleges and provides tips on finding a good fit at colleges in general. Go to the article

WRIGHTSLAW. If there's any good place to learn about Free and Appropriate Public Education, Wrightslaw should be it. The October 23rd edition of Special Ed Advocate covers what the law requires, the definition of a "meaningful educational benefit," and info about court cases concerning FAPE. Find the newsletter

IN THE COMICS. We know that young Caulfield in the comic Frazz is very bright. Across the years there have been hints about AD/HD, as there were in yesterday's strip. Find it.

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