Friday, November 23, 2012

SENSORY INTEGRATION THERAPY: NOT FOR ASD? Researchers reviewed 25 studies of sensory integration therapy for those on the autism spectrum and failed to find scientific support for claims that the method aids children with ASD. The therapy uses weighted vests, bouncy balls, and other stimuli. Read more

THE ARTS AND DEPRESSION. A study has linked participation in extracurricular arts activities -- music, drama, and painting, for example -- to increased rates of self-reported depressive symptoms. The lead author commented, "This is not to say that depression is a necessary condition for either a teen or an adult to become an artist, nor are we showing that participating in the arts leads to mental illness." Read more

YOUNGER STUDENTS, MORE AD/HD. Younger students in each grade may perform at a lower academic level and may be prescribed AD/HD meds more frequently than their older classmates, according to a recently published study. The take-away? The researchers said, "Educators and health care providers should take relative age and gender into account when evaluating children's performance in school and other criteria for ADH/D diagnosis." Read more.  

WRIGHTSLAW ON 2e. Wrightslaw's Special Ed Advocate is always informative when it comes to working with schools on LD issues. The current issue covers twice-exceptional children, and it contains "articles, advocacy advice, resources, book recommendations, and free publications about making good educational decisions for a twice-exceptional child." Find the issue

DAVIDSON INSTITUTE. DITD's eNews-Update for November is out and provides a variety of news items about giftedness, Davidson activities, and legislation that affects gifted education. Find the newsletter
SENG has two upcoming webinars on its schedule, one on December 20 with Jean Sunde Peterson titled "Talking with Teens," about communicating with gifted adolescents, and the other on January 17 with Susan Jackson titled "Solutions for the Anxious Gifted Child." Find out more in the November SENG newsletter

GLD AUSTRALIA is a new online community concerned with the needs of Australian gifted kids and adults who have specific learning disabilities or other learning challenges, according to Jo Freitag's Gifted Resources Newsletter. It is a closed Yahoo group list affiliated with the Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented. Membership is free; email to join. Find out more

PRUFROCK FREEBIE. Prufrock Press offers a a free sample download from its book Children with High-Functioning Autism: A Parent's Guide. The 33-page download includes the table of contents, introduction, and Chapter 1. Find it.

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