Monday, December 17, 2012

Items that Might Be of Interest to the 2e Community

TAMARA FISHER posted a thoughtful, timely piece titled "To a Bright Kid with Trouble(s)." It's about being quirky, odd, or misunderstood, angry or frustrated, perhaps feeling like lashing out -- and how to reach out. Read it

AD/HD DOWN THE ROAD. A 30-year study indicates that children with AD/HD who carry the condition into adulthood are more likely to face "a greater risk of stress, work problems, financial troubles, physical health issues and additional mental health issues, such as depression or antisocial personality disorder," according to a report at WOWK-TV. Not exactly cheery news, but perhaps forewarned is forearmed. Read more

SCHOOL FOR DYSLEXICS. The state school board of Louisiana has approved plans to establish a charter school in Baton Rouge to serve students "afflicted" with dyslexia, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, which publishes 2000 miles away from Baton Rouge. If you're closer to Baton Rouge than that, check out the article

PRUFROCK FREEBIE. Prufrock Press keeps cranking out free sample downloads of books relevant to those who raise and educate twice-exceptional children. The latest is a partial download of School Success for Kids with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. Find out more

DYSLEXIC OPTICIAN. An optician in Scotland who in her 30s discovered that she was dyslexic is especially tuned to solving others' vision and reading issues because of her condition. The "mum-of-two," according to The Scotsman, "is able to empathise with clients with reading difficulties, and has even spotted the signs that someone is dyslexic before they knew themselves." The optician makes some use of colored overlays to improve reading speeds. Find the article

WHAT WE READ. We scan a variety of digests of news in the fields of education, science, LDs, and giftedness to find items we think will be of interest to our readers. Today, some of the headlines we encountered were truly unusual. We offer them to you:

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