Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Things We Find" from the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

LEFT BEHIND. In the news recently are two articles about whether gifted kids have been "left behind" lately because of lack of services, funding, etc. An article at ArgusLeader.com blames it on NCLB. And an opinion piece in the Denver Post, drawing on the writer's experience at last month's NAGC Convention in Denver, asked whether both gifted and special-needs kids are being left behind; the piece quotes presenters such as Jonathan Mooney, Linda Silverman, and Daniel Pink. Find it

DSM-5. We've seen a couple pieces reacting to the recent finalization of the DSM-5. One was at the site of the National Center for Learning Disabilities and focused on LDs and the DSM; find it. The other was in the New York Times and focused on the revision process as well as the results. (Evidently, from now on revisions will be made continuously rather than in batches.) Find the Times article

PRUFROCK PRESS is offering a free sample download from the book The Underachieving Gifted Child, by Del Siegle. Go to Prufrock

WEBINAR RESOURCES. The education company Pearson offers free webinars on topics that may be of interest to those who raise and educate twice-exceptional children. Called "Cause and Effect" webinars, topics include the neuropsychology of emotional disorders, the role of attention and executive functioning in learning, cognitive factors in learning, RTI and neuropsychology, and more. Find the webinars. (Thanks for Fernette Eide for pointing the way to these.)

DEFINING GIFTEDNESS: MORE. After NAGC, Stephanie Tolan blogged about "gifted" -- and "child" -- and "school" -- in a post titled "Are We Redefining the Wrong Word?" Her thoughts on these topics are worth reading. Find them

MEDICATING FOR AD/HD is the name of a recent "Sunday Dialog" in the New York Times in which readers respond to what they've read about this topic in the Times recently -- which is quite a variety of pieces, if you've been following this blog. If you're involved in any aspect of the AD/HD medication "issue," you mind find others' opinions interesting. Find them.

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