Thursday, January 10, 2013

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

EAGLE PROJECT. According to the Sugar Land Sun, a Houston-area Boy Scout's Eagle project involved creating a dyslexia and LD resource and support book titled "Know No Obstacles." In addition to providing the book to children with dyslexia, the young man speaks to groups about facts and myths around LDs. (For those unfamiliar with Boy Scouts, Scouts who achieve the Eagle rank tend to be bright and achieving.) Read more

TEEN AD/HD. An article at the site of the Child Mind Institute covers AD/HD in teenagers from the perspective of the increasing expectations on teens in terms of academics and social life versus decreasing structure and supervision by adults. The article offers tips for how parents can help in areas such as academics, peer relationships, emotional functioning, and more. Find the article

EXECUTIVE FUNCTION. An article at the site of the National Center for Learning Disabilities describes how executive function weakness can affect academic performance and offers strategies for dealing with such a weakness. The strategies include goal setting, flexible thinking, organizing ideas, and more. Linked to the article are three other articles from a series on executive functioning. Read more

ADDITUDE offers free AD/HD "expert webinars." Webinars this month deal with how to stay on task with adult AD/HD; improving working memory; and alternate therapies for managing AD/HD symptoms. The webinars seem to be geared to adults but might be suitable for teenagers with AD/HD. Find out more

SENG offers for-fee webinars in January that cover how to help the anxious child (January 17, Susan Jackson), and an introduction to overexcitabilites and Dabrowski (January 22, Susan Daniels). Thanks to a funding grant, SENG also offers free webinars to educators on working with gifted children. Find out more

KNOW A YOUNG SCIENTIST? The Discovery/3M "Top Young Scientist" competition is open to students in grades 5-8. This year's competition "encourages young people to solve everyday problems using science and innovation," according to the organizers. Find out more

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