Friday, January 18, 2013

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

FIGHTING FOR FAPE. Subscribers who remember the 2e Newsletter article "Fighting for FAPE," about a family's struggle for educational justice, will undoubtedly be saddened to know that the 5th Circuit Federal Appeals Court overturned a lower court decision awarding reimbursement to the Hovem family for placing their son in an appropriate school setting after the public school district failed him. The family is now trying to take their case to the US Supreme Court. Read Signe Hovem's eloquent account of the past few years at, under the heading "May I Have a Moment of Your Time." Pass the word if you can.

OUTGROWING AUTISM? A small study indicates that some children may outgrow autism and perform as well as typically-developing peers. All of the autistic children in the study had confirmed diagnoses. Read more

DYSLEXIC ACHIEVER. A young woman with dyslexia got to give her college's valedictory address recently, beating the odds faced by people with LDs against even earning a four-year college degree. Read more.  

TALKING ABOUT MEDS to kids is the topic of a recently-posted video at the site of the Child Mind Institute. In the video, the author of a book exploring the experiences of young people taking psychotropics offers advice to parents based on her research. Find the video. Separately on the site, an article explores how animals can help kids "calm, motivate, and teach kids"; find it.

GIFTED DEVELOPMENT CENTER. If you're in the Denver area, know that the GDC is hosting an open house and book signing on January 25, 5-7pm. Books available for signing include Giftedness 101, just out; Picture It; and Upside-Down Brilliance. Find out more at the GDC site

TEACHER "RESISTANCE" TO AD/HD? The site has an article exploring why some teachers minimize or misunderstand AD/HD. If  you're up against that issue, read the article

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