Wednesday, January 23, 2013

News Items and Resources from the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newslettter

MORE KIDS WITH AD/HD -- that's the observation of researchers publishing in the journal  JAMA Pediatrics. Between 2001 and 2010, the rate of kids with an AD/HD diagnosis increased by 24%. Increased awareness is a probable contributing factor. The study used health records of almost 850,000 Southern California children. Read more at

AD/HD WEBINARS. ADDitude is offering a no-cost "expert webinar" on AD/HD at 1pm on January 28 titled "Use Alternative Therapies to Manage AD/HD." Registration is required.  Recordings of past webinars are available for listening as well.

HALF EMPTY, HALF FULL. Glass half empty: A Swedish study indicates higher criminal conviction rates among both males and females with AD/HD. Glass half full: Subjects under medication treatment for AD/HD had lower conviction rates than untreated subjects. Subjects in the study were 15-40 years old. David Rabiner reviewed the study in December's Attention Research Update. Find it.

ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, GIRLS. An article at the site of the Child Mind Institute this week covers mood disorders in teenage girls -- why girls are vulnerable, plus signs and symptoms. The article also covers the importance of early intervention and what to look for in terms of related disorders such as suicidal thinking, eating disorders, and self-injury. Find the article.

MEET THE NEW BPA, SAME AS THE OLD BPA. Apparently, a compound replacing BPA (bisphenol A) in "BPA free" bottles and food containers also disrupts the endocrine system. BPS (bisphenol S), the substitute, has a similar chemical structure to BPA and is also disruptive at very low levels of concentration. If we didn't know that container manufacturers certainly had our best interests at heart instead of market share, we'd think that this substitution seems like a very cynical action. Read more.

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