Monday, February 25, 2013

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

PARENT GROUP ON DYSLEXIA. The Huffington Post reports on a group of parents in New Jersey who started a group called "Decoding Dyslexia" with the purposes of raising awareness, empowering families, and informing policy-makers. The group has not only had an impact on state-level politics in New Jersey but has inspired the formation of similar groups in other states. If that 2e child you raise or teach is of the dyslexic persuasion, check out this article

YOUNG AND DYSLEXIC IN MISSISSIPPI? You're going to get screened (and hopefully discovered) in the spring of your kindergarten year and the fall of your first-grade year -- by law. Dyslexic students will then be eligible for placement in therapy. Read more

GIRLS AND AUTISM. Time Magazine says that researchers might have discovered why boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism. Researchers analyzed data from a sample of fraternal twins to try to see if something was "protecting" girls from autism and found that girls with autism came from families "with significantly greater risk levels" of the disorder than boys did. The researchers can only speculate on the exact "protection" -- whether it's hormonal or some other metabolic factor. Read the article

GIFTED EDUCATION PRESS QUARTERLY. The spring edition of this journal is out, and it features articles covering gifted enrichment, intellectualism, stimulating gifted students' creative thinking, STEM education, and Vladimir Nabakov. Find the journal

AND FINALLY, THIS. Seals evidently can sleep with half their brains at a time. They do this in water, but apparently sleep as humans do when on land. Maybe 2e kids have adapted this technique for use at school, which could explain their peaks and valleys in performance. ("Right-brain task? Um, sorry, it's asleep.") Anyway, this discovery gives new meaning to the expression, "I've got half a mind to..." Read about seal sleep

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