Thursday, February 28, 2013

Resources, News Items from the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

SHARED GENES. Autism, AD/HD, and depression may have certain genetics in common, says HealthDay. These gene variations that govern brain functioning could be targets for prevention or treatment. The research has implications for disease classification as well. Read more.

ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH. Science Daily reports on three studies of factors that affect mental health in adolescents. One studied the effect of an intervention on allaying antisocial behavior in young people at risk for it; a second concluded that levels of "urgency" in young people are linked to depression; and the third studied the effect of genetics on the development of depression, distraction, and brooding. Find the write-ups.

SENG. The organization's February newsletter is out, and it includes a preview of this year's conference,  a listing of upcoming "SENGinars," a reflection on what gifted kids are not, and other articles. Find the newsletter.

ADDITUDE has a series of free webinars on AD/HD-related topics coming up, including one on positive parenting, strategies for play dates, and working with school for your child's success. Find out more.

WRIGHTSLAW, in the most recent Special Ed Advocate, offers information about RTI as it applies to kids with LDs, including an article with the scary title "Trapped in RTI." Find the newsletter.

ATTENTION RESEARCH UPDATE. One of David Rabiner's recent study reviews is posted at It's on the topic of "mindfulness training for children with AD/HD and their parents." Find it.

KNOW A CODER? Or a potential programmer? A video at the site features luminaries like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and their observations on programming and learning to program. Check it out.

PRUFROCK FREEBIE. Prufrock Press is offering a free download from its book Why Can't My Daughter Read. Find our more.

KIDS AND ANXIETY is the topic of an article at the Child Mind Institute site; its perspective is "the parents' role in treatment." We know lots of 2e families have anxiety as an issue. Find the article.

AND FINALLY, THIS. March 2 is Dr. Seuss' birthday. If  you're interested in observing the occasion, go to to find related materials.

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