Thursday, March 7, 2013

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

ADDERALL MISUSE. Those of you with kids on stimulant meds for AD/HD might be interested in a couple recent articles on the misuse of those drugs, both pretty scary. One is a first-person account by a young woman in New York and the effects of her dependency; the other is an op-ed piece that contains lots of first-person language from a smart young man who used Adderall to go from D's to straight A's -- but paid a price.

SEQUESTER AND EDUCATION. In the U.S., government games have given us a "sequester" of spending federal cuts, some of which affect special education. The Council for Exceptional Children provides some detail on where those cuts will come from and how much is involved (hint: billions). Find out more.

WOLCOTT SCHOOL. We recently blogged about a new school in Chicago, set to open in the fall, whose target audience seemingly includes twice-exceptional students. The high school, Wolcott School, is having an open house Sunday, March 10, for prospective families; find out more. Separately, the school's founding head is profiled in an article in a suburban Chicago newspaper; find it.

AD/HD AND SPEECH/LANGUAGE/COMMUNICATION is the topic of a parent and educator workshop series presented by the Child Mind Institute in Manhattan. The event is today, and will be streamed live for those not lucky enough to live in Manhattan. Find out more.

SELF-INJURY. The Child Mind Institute has posted on its website an article on self-injury. Find it.

CENTER FOR TALENT DEVELOPMENT. The CTD at Evanston's Northwestern University got a write-up in the Chicago Tribune recently for its weekend courses for gifted kids. According to the article, "The Accelerated Weekend Experience provides students the opportunity to delve into a favorite area of interest with a community of peers who share their passion for the subject." Read more.

NCLD dispels seven myths about AD/HD on its website, myths such as "girls have lower rates and less severe AD/HD than boys." Find the article.

ON FACEBOOK. Recent "arrivals" on Facebook from the 2e community include Carla Crutsinger and Brainworks ( and speaker/writer Jonathan Mooney ( Fans of those people will know what to do.

TAMARA FISHER points us to "An Administrator's Toolbox for Gifted Education," a resource compiled by the National Association for Gifted Children. Fisher describes what's available and the benefits of the toolbox. Read Fisher's blog.

ASSESSMENTS is the subject of a four-part series in Special Ed Advocate, starting on March 5th. Wrightslaw says of the series, "you'll get an overview of developmental assessments, read about the most common types of assessments, find out how to choose an evaluator, and learn how to understand your child's test scores." Find the first issue.

HOW'S YOUR TEENAGER'S AMYGDALA? It could be growing new cells, according to research conducted at Michigan State University, which might aid in social behaviors and mating behaviors. Find out more.

2e PARENT SUPPORT GROUPS. What's your situation when it comes to a local, live support group for parents of twice-exceptional children? Tell us in quick poll on our homepage, please.

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